Our mission is to provide customized capital solutions to small business owners that do not have access to financing from commercial sources. Our small business loans range from $500 to $100,000 with terms from 6 to 72 months.

We require loans to be secured by collateral which is valued at liquidation or trade-in prices. Accion Chicago may also request a cosigner in some cases (Cosigner: A person who does not live in the applicant’s household and is not a principal member of the business. Cosigners must have good credit and the capacity to make the loan payment). Collateral filing fees and a commitment fee are added to the loan requiring no out of pocket expense at the time of closing.  Accion Chicago never charges a fee for early payoff of a loan, and even encourages it.

Receiving a loan from Accion starts with filling out an application and submitting a $30 application fee. Your application can be completed online by clicking the link below. We won’t collect any paperwork with your application. Once you’ve completed your application, you will be contacted by a Loan Officer within 2 business days.

Jump-start your business with a loan from Accion.

Click here to apply for a small business loan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Celia Wills at (312) 275-3000.