Owning a business that takes pictures of people has dramatically changed Sarah Fagan’s image of herself.

“It has built my confidence,” says Sarah about her company, Pic in a Box Photo Booth.  “I was a single Mom, and it’s always been a hard road. This business was a spark. I realized that I don’t need to be a person who always struggles.”

Quite the contrary: Since 2012 when she launched Pic In a Box, which supplies photo booths for events in Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, Sarah has discovered she is a person destined to succeed.

Pic in a Box has garnered a steady clientele, serving weddings, graduations, festivals and corporate events. Accion has helped fuel that growth since the company’s inception, when it provided Sarah with start-up capital to launch her business.

“I couldn’t get a loan from anybody,” she says. “Finally Accion gave me a chance, and after that things started really rolling.”

In 2014, Accion financed her long-time quest to purchase a vintage-style photo booth to accompany the others she operates.

“I loved the nostalgia of it, and I always wondered ‘how do I do something like that?’” she says.

Sarah has certainly figured out how. With businesses burgeoning, she will hire her first two employees this year. And Sarah says her refurbished vintage photo booth gives her a product that is unprecedented in the local market.

Sarah says she has always had an affinity for the camera. And now, by leveraging that interest into a commercial success, Sarah has seen her true self-image—the one as the thriving small business owner—come into focus.

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