Accion helps communities grow by investing in entrepreneurs who build businesses and generate jobs in their neighborhoods. We provide the tools necessary for individuals to create and expand small business regardless of their backgrounds and other barriers of obtaining credit. Accion provides customized capital solutions and one-on-one coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Our reciprocal Referral Partnerships comprehensively support small business owners on the path to growing their businesses. This program is designed to assist the clients that come to you for financing but do not yet meet your qualifications. Rather than turning these applicatnts away, you can refer them to Accion for personalized business coaching and capital support. Our lending staff works one-on-one with your referrals providing prompt, quality service.

Once these clients have received funding through Accion, grown their businesses, and imporved their financies and credit, we refer them back to you for deposits, merchant services, and further financing opportunities.

We are happy to visit your office to meet with Accion prospects, conduct workshops and seminars, or to discuss further partnership opportunities.

Get in touch with us. Call us at (312) 275-3000 or email us to learn more.