Asian, Mexican, and Jerk. If you are serious about a good Bloody Mary, these are the flavors you should know about.

With more than 20 years in the restaurant business, Luke decided to take his passion for brunch and turn it into a business. Savor & Salt offers bottled Bloody Mary mixes with complementary flavored salt in a custom salt dish. This is the first Bloody Mary mix product with this unique feature.

New to Chicago and entrepreneurship, Luke began researching small business financing opportunities, where he discovered Accion. In 2015, Luke received an $11,00 loan with Accion to help with the costs of developing his unique salt containers and to increase online inventory.

Luke is currently focusing on distributing Savor & Salt mixes to several new stores across Chicagoland, and with warmer weather ahead he plans to build his brand in restaurants and at baseball games.

Be sure to pick up a bottle of his Bloody Mary mix for your next Sunday brunch!

Check out Luke’s website and Facebook.